Carta a la Comisión Europea

Dear Mr. Uebe,

We are writing to you in representation of more than 2.000 Spanish couriers that work in platforms such as Deliveroo, Glovo, Uber Eats, Stuart and Just Eat. As you may know, last february SMEConnect sent a letter to the European Commission noting that in platform work, the nature of the sector means that a consultation of traditional social partners may fall short of the mark.

Acknowledging that you know of the existence of associations like the one I am speaking on behalf of, the reason for this letter is our aim to directly transmit to you our preoccupation regarding the lack of representation of our collectivity. Trade unions are not in contact at all with couriers’ associations, and therefore know almost nothing about the platform work, our needs and our wishes. They are not an authorised voice to speak for us.

Precisely, we have the experience of Spain. In our country, the Social Dialogue is formed by the Government, the trade unions and the most representative business association. The result is a disastrous law that does not take into account that many of us are actually self-employed workers – real ones, that will be left out without a job. Not all of us can adapt to 20h morning or afternoon shifts, with fixed schedules and little room for change. The reasons for preferring self-employment are many: family, other projects, own business, working for several delivery companies, studies… Moreover, for many, delivery platforms are an easy way to access to work, without barriers. Not everybody is so lucky to secure a contract, moreover when you are a migrant or have other complex circumstances.

Self-employed workers have been excluded from the possibility of working in delivery platforms, and this will cause a huge unemployment in precisely very vulnerable segments of the population. As couriers, we went out to the streets to demonstrate three times, with huge press coverage, but nobody in the Government or within the Trade Unions opened the door to us.

With this letter, we want to ask for the same not to happen at European level. Couriers and platform workers in general need proper representation, a real one. Please, count on us for this.

Association of Professional Autonomous Riders (APRA) – (RU)